transit telematicsDesigned with an intuitive interface for ease of use and to minimize driver distraction (including reducing or eliminating the need for operator login), our full stack CAD/AVL/RTPI system harnesses proven industry-leading ITS hardware combined with the dynamic flexibility of commercially available tablets.

Our system supports a variety of integrations including, but not limited to: Single Sign On (SSO), multiplex interface (J1708 / J1939 / CAN), farebox support, destination signs, audio visual annunciator systems (AVAS), automatic passenger counting (APC) systems, Onboard WiFi, and select Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems.

Vehicle tracking is accomplished using a standard cellular iPad Mini loaded with our PeakTransit™ Driver app and mounted to the vehicle using a ruggedized iPad mount. It is charged using our integrated charging system (12 / 24 volts), directly wired into the vehicle ignition. Vehicle operators can also review their daily work manifests (duty assignments). Fully automatic operator login with optional iBeacon / BLE identification technology.

Key Features

  • 1 meter GPS accuracy (3 feet) / 45 second (max) cold GPS signal acquisition
  • 5 second reporting interval
  • Reports vehicle location when charging (ignition “on”) and driver app is open until charging stops (ignition “off”). Manual override capable.
  • Easily replaceable with readily available consumer iPads and remotely provisioned
  • Automated operator login using iBeacons installed in vehicle and identification cards (optional)
  • Units can be quickly swapped between vehicles
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Moisture, vibration, impact, heat, & dust resistant (exceeds IP65 & MIL-STD-810G)
  • Send and receive canned messages between vehicle operator and dispatch (sending disabled while vehicle is in motion)
  • Covert Alarm is triggered by vehicle operator or through the administrative dashboard (microphone monitoring and increased reporting frequency)
  • Vehicle data is encrypted during transmission to server database

Supervisor MDT

Additionally, the driver app has an additional feature only accessible to authorized supervisor vehicles. Once placed in an authorized vehicle, the app automatically switches to supervisor mode – enabling an overview of all routes, vehicle statuses (including passenger counts if applicable), and duty assignments; allowing for any manual dispatch functions if necessary.